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(K = for Kids; P= for Parents; T = for Teachers)

Story-related Fun and Educational Materials for Kids, Parents, and Teachers


A Teacher's Activity and Skills Guidebook for Children of the Seventh Fire by Lisa Hart, 2011
Shokan, NY: Big Oak Publishing
Available only through: Children of the Seventh Fire web site and public events

How to Grow a School Garden - A Complete Guide for Parents and Teachers
by Arden Bucklin-Sporer and Rachael Kathleen Pringle, 2010
Portland, OR: Timber Press. (P, T)

The Mishomis Book: The Voice of the Ojibway by Edward Benton-Banai, 1988
Hayward, WI: Indian Country Communications. (K, P, T)

Better World Shopping Guide by Ellis Jones, 2006
Gabriola Island, BC: New Society Publishers. (K, P, T)

Web Sites

Children of the Seventh Fire - Shows what other kids are doing in their communities to protect and restore the environment and create peace!
www.childrenoftheseventhfire.com (K, P, T)

Improve Your Garden and Yard With Composting

Three Sisters Garden - Provides instructions for planting a three sisters garden.
www.kidsgardening.com/growingideas/projects/march02/mar02-pg1.htm (P, T)

Solar Power Rocks - Solar power incentives.
www.solarpowerrocks.com (P, T)

Morning Earth - Features nature-based visual art, dance, and poetry; famous naturalists; and artist Andrew Goldsworthy.
www.morning-earth.org (K, P, T)

Care 2 KIDS ONLY! - Has many great links to other kid-friendly web sites about nature.
www.care2.com/channels/ecoinfo/kids (K, P, T)

Kids For Saving Earth - Provides an environmental education curriculum for all ages.
www.kidsforsavingearth.org (K, P, T)

Hudson River Sloop Clearwater - A Hudson River-based environmental education organization founded by Pete Seeger.
www.clearwater.org (K, P, T)

Project Learning Tree, Project Wild!, and Project WET - Environmental education for educators and students, grade levels Pre-k through 12.
www.plt.org, www.projectwild.org, www.projectwet.org (T, P)

National Wildlife Federation - Offers ways to get your kids to experience nature for one hour every day!
www.greenhour.org (P)

Tom Brown Jr.'s Tracking, Awareness and Survival Education School - Offers outdoor workshops for nature-based living. www.trackerschool.com (P, T)

North American Integrative Indigenous Knowledge-based Programs
Web Sites

Institute for Integrative Science and Health - Brings together indigenous ways of knowing and Western scientific knowledge.
Cheryl Bartlett, Director.
www.integrativescience.ca (P,T)

University of Minnesota: An Ojibwe Arts in Education Model Program - Combines Ojibwe arts and culture with a standards-based curriculum.
www.intersectingart.umn.edu (P, T)

Alaska Native Knowledge Network: Handbook for Culturally Responsive Science Curriculum - Presents a culturally relevant curriculum that integrates indigenous and Western knowledge in science.
www.ankn.uaf.edu/publications/handbook (P, T)

National Indian Education Association - Increases educational opportunities and resources for Native American students while protecting cultural and linguistic traditions.
www.niea.org (P, T)

Classroom Resources
Web Sites

Children of the Seventh Fire Web Site
Lots of great educational resources for kids! Students can send in a description of their projects (with photos!) to be posted on this web site. You may find our mailing address by clicking on the 'Contact' button on the web site main page. The author's Classroom Visiting Program can be arranged through the web site also. (P, T)

Three Fires Midewiwin Lodge - For further information visit www.three-fires.net/tfn/index.htm or contact rgaywish@mymts.net (K, P, T)

Native Tech - Provides educational information about Native American Technology and Art.
www.NativeTech.org (K, P, T)

The Wittenberg Center for Alternative Resources - Offers video tapes of indigenous elders presenting their thoughts about earth, environmental education, spirituality and peaceful co-existence.
Contact Jim Davis to order: jimcdavis@aol.com (P, T)

World Peace Prayer Society - Includes information about Peace Pole projects and the International Peace Pals program.
www.worldpeace.org (K, P, T)

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